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Liu graduated with a fashion design degree from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in England, and shortly afterwards, her name began to appear in prestigious magazine titles i-D and Dazed & Confused. The highlight of her early career was a cover shoot for Glass featuring actress Maggie Cheung from Wong Kar-wai’s masterpiece In the Mood for Love. When she returned to Beijing, her career took off, first as the style director for Harper’s Bazaar China, and now as executive deputy editor-in-chief and fashion director of China’s T Magazine.

(Optional) Duke’s commitment to diversityand inclusion includes gender identity and sexual orientation. If you wouldlike to share with us more about either, and have not done so elsewhere in theapplication, we invite you to do so here.

- An intellectual experience (course,project, book, discussion, paper, poetry, or research topic in engineering,mathematics, science or other modes of inquiry) that has meant the most to you

When the choice is yours, what do you read,listen to, or watch? (50 word limit)

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Alipay - Enjoy the Convenience of Living in China

但Anton Corbijn是如何设法让这些忙碌的明星敞开大门让他能这么随意吗? 部分的原因无疑是Corbijn的摄影天才。 天才受到尊重, Corbij就是一位备受尊崇的摄影师。

But as CNN`s Arwa Damon personally found out, it`s incredibly dangerous to move around the city for troops to find their way in or anyone trying to find their way out.


另一部分原因几乎可以肯定的是他的个性。 谁和Anton Corbijn接触都会觉得他是一个谦卑而友好摄师, 非常从容,即使给他的时间很少。他是一位喜欢与人打交道, 不管是还不是名人。

Stuff部分(即Bonus),有好一些安东的遗珠影片。像他在1983年的初执导演筒之作——Palais Schaumburg的Hocky亦告重见天日(但安东只拥有其VHS拷贝),蛮有八十年代新浪潮乐队MV的有趣拍摄作法,早见其幽默感。另一遗珠,是为比利时EBM先驱Front 242的88年专辑Front By Front所拍摄的MV精华。

19 华盛顿大学-圣路易斯WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis

DAMON: If you allow your thoughts, the worst of your thoughts to run away, if you can`t control that panic, you could potentially put yourself in even more danger.

Not only is their disposable income higher than when they lived in the West, but, barring air pollution, their way of life has improved.

Tell us where you have lived - and for howlong - since you were born; whether you've always lived in the same place, orperhaps in a variety of places. (100 word limit)

SUBTITLE: After three hours, the unit Arwa and Brice were traveling with was ambushed.

People often ask me, "How do I standout in an essay?" or something to that effect. As MIT admissions officers,our primary goal in reading these essays is to get to know you, the applicant.It's not to be wowed, or feel like we need to read the most unique piece ofwriting we've ever seen. Over my ten years of working in admissions, I'veprobably read over 100,000 essays; after a certain point, there's just no suchthing as a truly *unique* essay. So worry less about coming up with somethingwe've never read before (because we most likely have anyways), and focus moreon making sure your essays authentically convey who you are (or some aspect ofwho you are). If I, the reader, am able to learn something new about you, thenyou've written a great response and the essay has served its purpose.

Adam Spiegel (born October 22, 1969), known professionally as Spike Jonze (pronounced "Jones"), is an American filmmaker, photographer, and actor, whose work includes music videos, commercials, film, and television.

East Huaihai Apartment in Shanghai Photo:Yirent

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“You also know that Starbucks and good Italian food is just around the corner. It’s a really nice blend of East and West,” said Maura Cunningham, a Philadelphia native who lived in Shanghai for two years while working on her dissertation.

If you are interested in pursuing aBachelor of Science in Engineering degree, please write a 300-500 word essaydescribing why you are interested in studying engineering, any experiences inor exposure to engineering you have had and how you think the programs inengineering offered at Princeton suit your particular interests.

But other than paying for pricey home comforts such as dairy products or fresh produce, life in Shanghai can be very affordable, at least compared to Hong Kong. Lunch in Western restaurants is typically less than $10, an amount that would also get you a taxi across the city. If you get on the extensive and modern subway system, you’ll hardly ever pay more than $1.

Cunningham may not have been able to invest in real estate when she moved back to the US, but her work in Shanghai and her language skills set her up for a job as a programme officer with the National Committee on US-China Relations.

《Illness as Metaphor and Its Metaphors(疾病的隐喻)》

无可否认,安东历来最扣人心弦的影片,是透过Super 8 镜头为Joy Division经典作Atmosphere在lan Curtis逝世八年后,于1988年重新发行时所重拍的音乐短片,由一群身穿修士服的小孩与侏儒(这些身穿修士服的人早己出现过在Dr. Mabuse内——莫非这跟Anton父亲为传教士有关?),抬着从前安东为Curtis及JD拍摄照片,在黑白影片的感染力下也有向Curtis追悼的意义。当中另一自杀身亡的乐手是Kurt Cobain,Nirvana(涅槃)的1993年作品Heart Shaped Box之MV便是由Kurt跟安东联袂制作,内容全是来自Kurt的创作构思(Booklet内便刊有Kurt的手绘故事板)。

How did you spend your last two summers?(50 word limit)

Police Warning: 13 Taboos on Using WeChat

Tell us about something that is meaningfulto you and why.

•     Although you may not yetknow what you want to major in, which department or program at MIT appeals toyou and why? (100 words or fewer)

Fan was the style director at Harper’s Bazaar China, famously creating an iconic China look for a Rihanna cover shot. Her own agency, Moodsight, focuses on giving Chinese local brands trendy and creative images. She works with popular Chinese brands Peacebird, Ellassay and Mo&Co.

A CNN team was in Mosul as coalition forces battled to retake the city from ISIS.

While arguing a Dartmouth-related casebefore the U.S. Supreme Court in 1818, Daniel Webster, Class of 1801, utteredthis memorable line: ''It is, Sir…a small college. And yet, there are those wholove it!'' As you seek admission to the Class of 2022, what aspects of theCollege’s program, community, or campus environment attract your interest?

In addition to the essay you have writtenfor the Common Application, please write an essay of about 500 words (no morethan 650 words and no fewer than 250 words). Using one of the themes below as astarting point, write about a person, event, or experience that helped youdefine one of your values or in some way changed how you approach the world.Please do not repeat, in full or in part, the essay you wrote for the CommonApplication.


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安东的音乐短片并非单单以酷字挂帅,反之却不乏他幽默的一面。甚至乐手们也可放下身段为他“扮鬼扮马”,如Seven Seas里伊恩·麦克库奇(Ian McCulloch)扮女人、Will Sergeant扮鱼、Les Pattinson扮企鹅;Metellica的Hero Of The Day在那“苦闷电视迷青年”故事间穿插着是乐队扮电视游戏节目、扮新闻主播、扮西部片剧集;前Black Flag歌手Henry Rollins在Liars里除了饰演火爆“红人”外,又扮警察扮超人Mercury Rev的Jonathan Donahue在Opus 40扮太空人。The Killers的All These Things That I’ve Done则暂且放下其型格模样,变身西部牛郎。甚至安东也不忘出镜客串,如在DM的It’s No Good里扮演夜店司仪。

2. Reflect on your engagement with acommunity to which you belong. How do you feel you have contributed to thiscommunity?

CLAY JOHNSON, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, GEORGE W. BUSH TRANSITION TEAM: In today`s time, it`s not a safe world. It`s not a at peace world.